Natural flap ventilator developed for automatic smoke extraction in case of fire, day-to-day ventilation and for daylight entry certified according to the harmonized standard EN 12101-2. The device is suitable for use in industrial and commercial buildings, in the exhibition halls and sport centers as well.

The corrosion-resistant construction of the Firelock Duo device is made of high-quality, recyclable materials. Aluminum sheets, extruded aluminum profiles and polycarbonate sheets with high resistance to hail and excellent sound insulation properties are its main components. Firelock Duo is all-around equipped by EPDM seals, which in cooperation with the well-thought-out concept of the frame guarantee not only the tightness of the device in the event of rain, but also ensure low air leakage losses by minimizing leaks and significant reduction in noise emissions.

Firelock Duo is aerodynamically optimized and is available with a geometric opening area of up to 8.75 m2. The opening angle of both flaps of the device is 90°. These are locked in the end position and withstand high wind loads without any problems.

The Firelock Duo is available in a variety of sizes, with a variety of flaps, control variants and frame designs. The variability of the device makes it possible to meet almost every customer requirement and thus achieve high efficiency with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Firelock Duo devices are optionally equipped with a pneumatic or electric 24V drive. Depending on the specific technical specification and place of use, various control versions are available for selection.

Firelock Duo consists of a device frame equipped with all-round EPDM seals, two opening flaps, optional windshields for optimizing aerodynamic properties, pneumatic or electric 24V drive and optional certified grid against fall, which can be installed into device.