The Firelock Exploder is an overpressure flap for relieving pressure in a building in the event of an explosion, installed in skylights or on the facade. It is manufactured in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing standard. It is operated by a safety relief valve set to the required release force. The flap is secured with a stainless-steel cable against tearing out. When opened, the device releases the internal pressure, preventing the consequences of damage to health.

The Firelock Exploder’s corrosion-resistant construction is made of high-quality recyclable materials, with aluminum sheets, extruded aluminum profiles and multiwall polycarbonate sheets with high resistance to hail impact and excellent soundproofing properties as the main components.

The Firelock Exploder features high quality perimeter EPDM gaskets which, in conjunction with the sophisticated frame design, not only ensure that the unit is leak-proof in the rain, but also ensure low air leakage losses and a significant reduction in sound emissions.

The Firelock Exploder is available in a variety of sizes, with a range of sash fillings and flange designs. Its unit variability allows it to meet virtually any customer requirement, providing high efficiency at optimum value.