Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

The devices for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation are an important part of building safety. They not only fulfil the function of fire ventilation, but also have other advantages, such as the possibility of daytime ventilation of the building and the supply of daylight.

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains are part of the smoke and heat exhaust ventilation system not only in industrial buildings, but also in warehouses and exhibition grounds or shopping centres. They serve to separate individual smoke sections as a physical barrier that directs the flow of smoke in the event of a fire, thus preventing its uncontrolled spread in the building, guiding it to smoke and heat exhaust ventilation devices and thus also helping to passively lower the air temperature in the building in the event of a fire.
Smoke curtains are made of non-combustible materials and can be either static or automatic.

Roof skylights

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators can be installed as an integrated and system-adapted part in skylights. That is why they must not be missing from our product range. We supply and install skylights including system frames. Depending on the requirements and needs of the building, we can offer you skylights in various shapes (arched, saddle, shed, single-pitch roof) or glazing parameters. All roof skylights meet the requirements of EN 14963 and are statically calculated for the snow and wind range.